Marisa Moris Presents
Reiki Level 2

July 20-21, 2019
10-6 Pacific 
(Day 2 is an optional practice day 11-4)
Shift your Frequency, Shift your Perspective,
Change your life!
Join Spiritual Master, Hay House Author 
and Radio Show Host Marisa Moris for a transformative  workshop of 
Reiki Level 2

Marisa's Attunements ignite your personal ability to give and receive Reiki for self-care, and other practical everyday uses ...

Marisa and “The Guides” connect you to your Higher Self; the highest aspect of you, the essence of who you are.  Gain access to the high vibrational frequency of Reiki that has been proven to assist in healing a multitude of systems and functions of the mind, body, and spirit!

Discover how to send healing energy 
through time and space, to the past, present and future...

If Reiki 1 was your introduction to plugging into the world’s only unlimited power source, 
then think of Reiki 2 as harnessing that power with greater mastery. 
The most noticeable difference between Reiki level 1 and 2 is the inclusion 
of three special symbols & their respective mantras. 
These are used to increase the level of Reiki energy and to enhance healing abilities. 

Reiki Level 2 Introduces and Attunes you to three Reiki symbols. 

The Power Symbol
* Acts as a power boost to the other symbols
* Clears rooms and crystals of negative energies & provides protection
* Charges water and food with Reiki energy

The Healing Symbol
* Balances mind and body
* Heals emotional issues, decreases stress
* Helps the conscious mind to connect with memories

The Distance Symbol
* Sends Reiki energy anywhere, anytime to both people and situations
* Heals the past and sends healing to the future
* Provides safe travel from one point to another
How Reiki 2 can be used
  •  Increases your intuition and ability to connect to your higher self
  •  Learn how to charge spaces and objects with Reiki energy
  • ​Learn how to clear and charge the home with Reiki energy so you can do house blessings for yourself and others.
  • ​Release and transform issues and patterns that no longer serve your soul’s development
  • ​Reiki your Food for a High Vibe Diet.
  • Activates your soul’s blue print through clearing the obstacles and limiting beliefs standing in the way of what you are here to do this lifetime 
  • Learn how to perform Reiki at a distance so you can do distant healing on individuals, kids and animals. 
  • ​Go deeper with your Reiki healing journey (whether you plan on practicing professionally or not)
  • ​Gain the skills to be a Certified Reiki Practitioner
The Benefits of Reiki 2
Medical studies have determined that Reiki healing has the following effects:
  • Benefit: Reduces stress and stress reactions
  •  Benefit:  Lowers blood pressure
  •  Benefit: Lowers heart & respiration rates
  •  Benefit: Expand and clear energy blockages
  • Benefit: Reduces bleeding & pain
  •  Benefit:  Raises the red blood cell count
  •  Benefit: Helps Insomnia
  •  Benefit: Expands your powers of Intuition 
  • Benefit:  Calms anxiety
  • Benefit: Connects you more with mind, body, and spirit, and in turn feel Increased feelings of peace, calm, clarity, stillness, and happiness
Why take a class from Marisa?
Reiki workshops with Marisa Moris are magical events. 
Marisa uniquely walks you through energy and intuition from A to Z. 

Because Marisa has the unique ability to channel the collective of each Higher Self in attendance, her Reiki course feels as if it is tailored to each individual student’s personal and professional needs. Her quantum healing techniques are easy enough for a first time student and advanced enough for practitioners to use in their own practice. Whether you are here for self healing, to heal your family and friends, or to create a business, Reiki provides a true benefit to anyone at any level of their spiritual development. With most Reiki teachers you are paying for an attunement, with Marisa you get so much more. You will learn to access your abilities and trust your intuition. 

Marisa’s students enjoy gathering in community together as they are on this journey to learn and grow. As a teacher, Marisa is a practical and caring soul. She enjoys creating relationships with her students who are learning here right along with her. Her ability to see energy and her discernment as a channel create an experience like no other. Each class is fascinating and unique. Her curriculum is current and evolving. Reiki with Marisa will change your life.
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Reiki 3 will be October 19-20
Q: I can’t watch class live. Can I watch later and still be attuned?
A: Yes. If you can't attend class live you may purchase the class, watch later and still get attuned.

Q: How do the payment plans work ?
A: You make the down payment, then you will get billed each month until your balance is paid off. 
Down payment is $200 down and 2 monthly payments of $125.  If you need other payment arrangements, please contact Audrey at 

Q: Who is eligible for a discount ?
A: Marisa’s previous Reiki 2 students are eligible for a Reiki Retake Discount of $150.
Patreon Members receive dIscounts of up to $100 depending on the membership level. The maximum discount is $100, and discounts are subtracted from the original cost of the workshop.

Q: Where do I get a discount code ?
A: Patreon Members discount codes will be posted in your Patreon Tier.
Reiki 2 Retake Students please contact Audrey for your personalized code. 
Q: What is the prerequisite to take the Reiki 2 Workshop?
A: In order to take Reiki 2 you would have had to take Reiki 1 from Marisa.

Additional questions contact                              Marisa Moris                           
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