Spiritual Bootcamp
Let's get your Spiritual 
boo-tay in shape!! 
Join me for 
Higher Self Bootcamp Part 1
on April 5-6th
About the class
Begin (or re-ignite) your Spiritual Awakening with brand new material. Marisa teaches Reiki different from any other teacher. Each class she teaches the basics and then teaches Quantum Healing.  After taking this class you will be attuned to Reiki 1.
  •  Learn more about yourself in these 2 days
  •  Shift your self-perception and self-awareness
  •  Protect, cleanse, and align your own energy 
  •  Develop your own intuition and spiritual gifts
  •  Tap into your heart space to manifest what is meant to be yours
  •  Connect with your guides and Angels
  •  Practice Reiki as a personal Spiritual Practice
The following 21 Days after class you embark on a 3-week mind, body, soul cleanse. This helps you sharpen your self-awareness, develops your intuitive skills and connection to your higher self, and practice Reiki as a way of life.
Planet Shift:
Over the past decade the planets have shifted, impacting all of us living at this time. If you are wondering "why" all of this is happening and "why" so much craziness has happened at this time in our lives, then you will learn how to be a part of the solution and connect with Source/God more than before.  
Returning Students:
It is highly recommended that you retake so you can be current on all the latest 5th-dimensional teachings that have hit the planet in the last 8 months!! TEACHINGS HAVE CHANGED AND ARE UPGRADED. You will want to be re-attuned to the new frequency! 

Spiritual Bootcamp with Marisa Moris was such a life changing course for me on this divine journey of mine. In a way that only Marisa can, she pleasantly walked us through energy and spirituality from A to Z. This course felt like it was designed specifically for my needs as a healer and a mom, and I truly believe it would benefit anyone at any level of their spiritual development. As a Reiki practitioner prior to taking this course, I found countless benefits to myself and my practice. Marisa taught us many new powerful, fun, and effective exercises to use for ourselves, our families, and our clients. This left me feeling optimistic about my abilities and how to connect with the entirety of who I am, and the confidence to access healing energies beyond a particular modality. I will always remember Spiritual Bootcamp with Marisa Moris as a number one learning experience for me on my journey. Her genuine care for her students and the material that she delivers, as well as her ever evolving curriculum and ability to stay current is what I like most about learning with Marisa. I can’t wait for her next Bootcamp!!! - Janis D.
Spiritual Boot Camp was one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever given myself.
For years I have been one of those “I can’t see anything” people. I even coined the phrase, “I’ve taken Reiki, now what”. For me, the “now what” was Spiritual Boot Camp.
In person, or online, there’s something almost magical in those classes. My perception and vibration have shifted in such a way that my self imposed blindfold has been lifted.
Through Spiritual Bootcamp I’ve learned how my personal gifts and guidance communicate with me. My vibration (most of the time) is at a higher level and perspective, which in turn, has given the confidence in myself to share with others.
 If you’ve listened to Marisa on the radio, or in class, you know that each one is different and unique. They are like the gift that keeps on giving. For that reason, I take each one, even if I’ve taken them before. -
Christine S
Spiritual Bootcamp for me was an epic weekend of healing, connecting, and taking my own life back.
-Justin Chaney 
What to expect from Higher Self Bootcamp!
Higher Self Bootcamp Get  Attuned to, connected with,
and communicate as your higher self
with the help of I am Reiki.
  • How to go into different chakras (rooms) and activate them, build our intuition and tune into higher aspects of our self. We have full access to all of it and are the consciousness in it
  •  Learn how to go into yourselves and ask for all the information stored
  •  Identify implants within yourselves and clear them.  
  •  Focus on clearing the 2nd chakras
  •  Do an attunement to your higher selves, bring you into alignment with your higher selves, connect you in all chakras to your higher selves
  •  Prepare you to start teaching what you learn today
  •  21-day vibration cleanse – being aware of yourself
  • Teach you how to clean and clear your own snowflakes so if you want to start doing readings on people you can. If you want to start coaching people intuitively to help them clear their energy, you can.
  •  How much to charge and working through the guilt or hesitation to charge someone money for this information (God given gift example)
  •  Putting value on your time
  •  Spiritually divorcing anyone you’ve been intimate with 
  •  Explanation of implants
  •  Snow Globe Exercise
  •  Magical Mirror Exercise
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